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Scholarships and funding

Scholarships available through the UK government

Scholarships in UK
It might be a relief to know that there are hundreds of scholarships and bursaries available to international students who want to study in the UK. As well as key schemes run by the UK government, individual universities also have their own scholarships and bursaries, so it’s well worth doing your research to check
wheth er you’re eligible to apply.
Student Culture in the UK.
This is a global scholarship programme which is open to all international students
who meet the criteria.
First established in 1983, the scheme is aimed at develop ing global leaders.

A global scholarship programme

you can read more about Chevening Scholarships here. Apply cations open in August for the following year.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Available for international students who are domiciled in a Commonwealth
country and want to study a Masters degree in the UK, these scholarships provide funding for tuition fees, airfare travel to and from the UK as well as other expenses.
Find out more details and what scholarships you can apply for here.