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Studying abroad

Studying abroad

Studying abroad


In the UK, a bachelor's degree is usually one year lower than the American system, so you will get a bachelor's degree within three years.

However, this is not the case for Scotland, where bachelor's degrees take four years, as in the United States.

However, international students from outside the European Union are required to complete the preparatory year program as a prerequisite before starting the undergraduate program.

Documents required to apply for a bachelor's degree in general:

  • Certificate of completion of secondary school.
  • Secondary secondary grades.
  • passport copy.

Some universities for some special health specialties have special conditions.

The required IELTS grade requirement for the preparatory year ranges from 4.5 to 5.5 varies from university to university.

The Bachelor's degree is required to exceed the preparatory year with a specific degree that varies according to the specialization. It is also required to obtain a certain degree in English subjects or to obtain a score of 6 or 6 different grades.



In the UK, a master's degree is usually one year for full-time except for some limited private health programs that may be up to 18 months.

Required Documents for Master's Degree:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • acadimec regsteration
  • Two scientific recommendations
  • Letter of purpose of the study
  • passport copy
  • Any English tests or professional certificates and experience (if possible).
  • Some specialties have special conditions.

The degree of IELTS varies between 6 and 7 depending on the university and specialization. The degree of IELTS required for a Master's degree may be waived if the pre-sessional program is exceeded.

Where many universities offer this program to those who could not get the required degree in the IELTS master program, and have received a degree less than required in the study of this program and after successfully exceeded the final acceptance can be obtained unconditionally.

The Pre-sessional course is based on the degree required and the degree earned by the IELTS student. The higher the score, the shorter the duration of the program.

Note: Some universities do not offer pre-sessional courses


Conditional and unconditional acceptance

Conditional Admission:

Is the conditional admission of some university requirements and mostly the degree of IELTS is certain.

After studying the file and grades of the student and fulfilling the requirements, except the condition of the IELTS degree, the university may submit conditional admission to the IELTS degree.

After the student has obtained the required IELTS degree or has successfully passed the Pre-sessional program, he / she will receive the final unconditional acceptance.


Unconditional acceptance:

Is the final and unconditional acceptance of the applicant when he meets all the requirements of the university and mostly the condition of the IELTS score.