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The link between the student and the university

Our standard in the interface between the student and the university includes all the educational and motivational aspects and the constant communication between the two parties to find the most rewarding way for the student to succeed, as representatives of the student at the university we the Office of the Global Student will provide you access to all the needs of students inside and outside the university.

The Universal Student UK will provide individual contact points for each student as they need us to meet any order at any time. 

Our services for students

Our services for students


We offer student accredited universities in the middle east, and we are trying to provide urgently acceptances.



Transportation to the airport and free of charge for students.



Provide individual and family accommodation for students.


Student Care

We are in constant contact with the student if he wanted to help or question at anytime.

Strategic with universities

The basis of our work in the company is a simplified structure, so we are a company at a simple cost with high standards and did not follow any constraint discourages our capabilities, this feature enabled us to be simple to contain the full requirements of universities and students at the same time.

Although we are new to the educational landscape as a company connecting students to British educational institutions, our rate of expansion has been strikingly impressive.

This is due to the excellent staff who are prepared for this work and the constant communication in a coordinated manner among all the destinations. We have a team that strives to succeed on different tracks and that is what we distinguished.

And the most important factors of success also clarity and advice to the student and to enhance the best features and needs of the student, and as representatives will give you what you need and bring you the distance of British universities to choose what suits your aspirations.

Our head office is located in the UK – Birmingham, and we have connections with several Arab and international countries

We also serve the rest of the Arab and international countries if we are asked to do so.

Arab countries
  1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. Kuwait
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Iraq
  5. Oman
  6. Bahrain
International countries
  1. China
  2. Malaysia